Remove Winter from your Body and Mind

Cold temperatures and dry air can take a toll on mind and body. After being snowed in for what seemed like weeks and having all school schedules thrown out the window, my girlfriends and I were able to take a little time for ourselves one evening. There are many different kinds of skin care centers in Indianapolis, but we were most attracted to the one that allowed for skin care and socializing. We scheduled an evening for facials and fun at Indy Skin Renew and ended up renewing our skin and our spirits. We were able to choose between laser facials and a microdermabrasion treatment, and both services included a chemical peel. We were complete novices at clinical facials, and weren’t sure what to expect.

A clinical facial using microdermabrasion or a facial laser is not like a facial treatment at a day spa. There are no candles, no robes, and no relaxing music. There are no rose petals  or hot towels involved. The treatment is done in a comfortable chair, but the atmosphere is more doctor’s office than a serenity suite. A clinical facial is focused on improving your skin’s appearance, rather than stress relief.

laser facial station

For my microdermabrasion treatment, esthetician got to work on my face with a small device that scrubs and then suctions up the dead skin. It didn’t hurt at all, and my skin felt baby-soft when she was done. The process didn’t take long. As a bonus, she did an expert job on waxing my monobrow back into two distinct eyebrows.  The chemical peel was simply a liquid applied with a cotton ball. It stung a little, but quickly cooled.  My friends who got the laser treatment had a similar experience, although the laser felt like tiny shocks when applied. After a day of mild itching (that was the chemical peel working), my friends reported looking like a million dollars. Acne was gone and skin looked well rested and hydrated.

While we were taking turns in the treatment room, the rest of us were catching up in the relaxation room. Having time together, not interrupted by kids or spouses or life was a perfect escape from this ridiculous winter.  For a couple of hours, we’d left Indianapolis behind and were on our own private oasis. We snacked, we laughed and we wondered when we’d be able to fit a night like this into our schedules again. Our skin and our mental health need it!