Indianapolis: Not Just a Transition City, but a Place to Live

Shout-out to a fellow Hoosier filmmaker and his video about the rebirth of Circle City. Have you watched it yet?

Indianapolis: Circle City Rebirth from Dusty Frey on Vimeo.

Local filmmaker, Dusty Frey, did an excellent job capturing the essence of Indianapolis and portraying why this city should not just be seen as an inbetween place to live before you can move onto something bigger and better, but instead a place that is evolving and really the perfect place to settle down.

The video features several prominent community leaders including Jim Walker (Big Car), Jordan Updike (Earth House Collective), Mitzi Wilson & Donna Sink (People for Urban Progress), and Joanna Beatty Taft (Harrison Center for the Arts). They each discuss how Indy has changed and continues to transform into a unique city and creative canvas.

Walker explains, “People can choose to be here and choose to do something good with what’s here and work with who they have here versus thinking they need to go away and do something else.”

Check out the video for yourself. I think it will make you proud to live here and if you’re not residing in Indianapolis, it might just persuade you to pack your bags and move to the Circle City.

How have you seen Indianapolis grow or change for the better? Do you think it is becoming the best Indy it can be?