Community Spotlight: TeenWorks Preps Kids for College & Beyond

TeenWorks IndyOne sign of a vibrant and growing community is the existence of community organizations that support groups and individuals in ways that allow them to live healthy and happy lives. TeensWorks is an organization that works to help young people ages 16-18 gain work experience, build a resume and transition from high school to college.

kids participating in TeenWorks projectTeenWorks was begun in 1981 by Indianapolis philanthropist Gene B. Glick. His goal was to provide economically disadvantaged teens with a summer job that would teach them the importance of self-discipline, a hard day’s work, and giving back to the community. The Glick family involvement in TeenWorks is still present as Marianne Glick, Gene’s daughter, is the President of the TeenWorks Board of Directors.

Today, youth who are part of the TeenWorks program spend six weeks of the summer doing paid work including landscaping, rebuilding computers, working at food banks, tutoring younger kids, and assisting at hospitals. In the afternoons, the students gather on college campuses for classes on interviewing, resume writing, etiquette, conflict resolution, financial literacy and presentation skills. At the end of six weeks, the TeenWorks kids hold a group presentation in front of their friends and family, again on a college campus.

In addition to the summer jobs and educations, kids who have been part of the TeenWorks organization are eligible to apply for one of six $10,000 college scholarships.

There are multiple opportunities to get involved with TeenWorks. Teens who are interested in being part of the summer jobs program must apply by April 9, 2014. The organization is seeking caring adults, 25 and older, to be Supervisors during the six-week summer program, volunteers to help on interview day and even people to participate in fundraising opportunities such as Walking for Dreams (May 18, 2014) and Brackets for Good (Hurry! The first round of Brackets for Good ends Friday, March 8, 2014). If you’d like to know more or apply, go to

TeenWorks Indy kids

TeenWorks kids take a smile break.