Sister, Sister: Two Girls, Two Suburbs, One Night on the Town

Sister Date in IndianapolisMy family is from southern Indiana. I grew up in the toe of Indiana’s boot, but my sister and I both ended up Central Indiana. We live less than 20 miles apart, in north side suburbs, and mostly touch base whenever we’re in our homewtown.

Recently, we’ve both been making an effort to get together in the Indianapolis area. We both live in great cities with a lot of fun things to do, just minutes from Indianapolis.

Logan's Roadhouse Steak DinnerThere is no shortage of things to do in Indianapolis, and we’ve become determined to take advantage. Our first sister date was this week — dinner in Castleton followed by Ghost the Musical at Old National Centre. The evening started in a way only a sister date could. I arrived first, secured a table, and ordered drinks for both of us — easy to do when you’ve known someone her whole life.

My sister walked in the door and the hostess immediately pointed to my table and said, “She’s right there.” before turning to her coworker and commenting that we look exactly alike. That was the first of many laughs throughout our evening. Over dinner we talked in ways that just aren’t possible when we’re surrounded by our large family at home.

Our one-on-one time continued as we rode together to Mass Ave for a night of theatre. It’s our second musical together for this year’s Broadway season in Indianapolis. Wicked was a girls’ night with my whole family — Mom, sisters, and my teen daughter. This time it was just the two of us for Ghost the Musical.

Ghost the Musical at Old National CentreThis is not a show for Broadway musical fans. It’s a show for kids of the 80s. It’s a show for Ghost the movie fans. My sister and I happen to be both.

The scenery and dialogue are updated for modern times (it even references 2008 at one point), the story is the same, but those who grew up with Patrick Swayze and loved Ghost in 1990 will appreciate the nostalgia.

While at times the music felt forced (oh, hey — it’s time for a song) and the chorus seemed superfluous, I enjoyed the show. And, I loved the lighting and effects. Ghost the Musical features an intriguing use of projectors for both staging and special effects. And while I could have done without the extraneous chorus ghosts, I did love the way they all looked, well, ghostly.

No one could hold a candle to Oda May, though. She completely stole the show and had us laughing so hard. We both went in expecting to be disappointed without Whoopi Goldberg, but Carla Stewart did an absolutely amazing job. The hilarity of our night didn’t end on stage, of course. (Sisters, remember?)

I’m still laughing at a certain incident involving a melted Reese’s cup at intermission and already planning our next adventure. Where should we go next?