Three One-Stop Dates in Indianapolis

With our family calendar filled with school and sport activities, stealing away for a date is not an easy accomplishment. As much as we’d like to linger over a three or four course meal, and then leisurely take in entertainment of some kind, we don’t usually have that much time.

Thankfully, with an array of entertainment complexes to choose from, we can usually find a one-stop shop to enjoy a meal and some fun while the kids are with a babysitter. When we just want to go out for dinner and a movie, we head out to the Studio Movie Grill. I like to order tickets online, so that we know for sure we can get into the movie we’d like to see. If we are running early (ha!) we can grab a pre-movie drink (it is date night after all) before the show at the bar. Once inside the theater, we can sink into the super -comfy seats and be served.

DaveandBustersSkeeBall-300x400The menu is extensive, and having adult beverage options is nice. It’s a little weird to eat in the dark- I usually order a burger so that there’s no cutting required. Even if we don’t plan to eat dinner while we are there, it’s pretty awesome to push a button for drinks and snacks without having to get up ourselves.

If we are feeling more adventurous, we head over to Latitude 39 for dinner, drinks and bowling. This is not my father’s smoky, beer drenched bowling alley. Instead, this is a family-friendly but more for adults entertainment complex. The bowling alley is modern and well lit. There are also movie and comedy acts happening in their theaters, one of these night we’ll skip the bowling and head for the other entertainment.

Dave and Busters offers an experience similar to Latitudes 39, but the focus there is on gaming. We can order food and play competitive skee ball. Although it seems counterintuitive, the arcade is a lot more fun without our kids in tow. Our game credits last longer, we can order appetizers we like, and the whole evening is relaxing. One stop dates really fit our life right now, and I’m glad we have a variety of choices right here in Indianapolis.