Four Activities That Will Make Your Kids Put Down Their Video Games

Like many kids, my kids are attached to their iPods. A perfect afternoon to them would be an uninterrupted Minecraft fest, complete with a power source so that their devices stay charged. Thankfully, there’s an array of activities around Indianapolis that we can do to keep their screen time at a minimum.


We love swimming for a lot of reasons, one of them being that you can’t swim and text. Electronics get tucked away when we are at pool, and there they stay. The kids splash, swim, and expend an amazing amount of energy. We have more choices in the summer, but even in the winter there are indoor pools to enjoy. Indy Island is the Indy Parks indoor swimming facility that includes water slides and attractions for kids of all ages. Caribbean Cove  is an indoor water park that’s attached to a hotel and day passes are available. Area YMCAS also offer indoor pools to members, and have some accommodations for guests as well. No matter where we swim, the kids have a ball and sleep soundly that night.

Rock Climbing

It is really hard to play Minecraft when you’re pulling yourself up a rockwall. Here in the Indianapolis area,  Hoosier Heights is a premier climbing facility. Climb Time Indy is another option. We climb at LifeTime Fitness, and it’s included in our family membership. It’s a great workout, and it promotes problem solving skills too.


When you are pounding on drums, you can’t play Plants vs. Zombies, it’s a fact. We love attending the free Community Drum Circle at Bongo Boy Music School. Every Thursday, the community gathers to make music and memories together. Our kids bang on drums,  explore other rhythm instruments, and leave tapping out a tune. The drum circle can be a little overwhelming when it’s inside, but in the summer the event is held in the parking lot.

full boardArcade Games

It may sound silly to ditch a video game only to go play video games, but arcades offer so much more. Challenge your child to a game of air hockey, or help them hone their skee ball skills. Work on shooting the basketball through the hoop, and if you’re lucky, you’ll find a game of Whack-a-Mole. We have fun at Dave & Busters on the northeast side,  Ben & Ari’s in Fishers, and Great Times on the south side of Indianapolis.

By keeping their body and minds occupied, kids won’t even miss their devices while they are out. And by giving them new experiences, they have more to talk about than what Minecraft Steve has been up to. Indianapolis offers so much to keep kids busy, they should never have to say that they’re bored!