Rainbow Rowell and David Levithan Book Signing in Indianapolis

Kids Ink Book Signing Crowd for Rainbow Rowell and David LevithanRainbow Rowell and David Levithan came to town, and Indianapolis went crazy. In a calm, orderly way befitting a children’s bookstore.

Kids Ink hosted a reading, Q&A, and signing by two popular young adult novelists. Rainbow Rowell has written three books, with her fourth due out this summer, and I have devoured each of them in less than a day. Her books are, quite simply, unputdownable. (It’s a word, basically created the day Rainbow Rowell began to publish novels.)

She brought David Levithan with her, and they are quite an entertaining team. I previously knew Levithan only from Will Grayson, Will Grayson, the book he co-authored with Indy’s own John Green.

Sold Out Book Signing at Kids InkThe two authors read from their books — together, each taking on a character role in the other’s books — then followed up with a Q&A session. The Indianapolis crowd brought some great questions, and I so loved getting to know the authors through their answers. They are both funny, a little self-deprecating, and full of wisdom on writing and the world of publishing.

They also maybe, kinda, almost hinted that a collaboration could one day be a possibility. David Levithan is known for his collaborative works, and one of the evening’s questions was if he had ever considered writing with Rainbow Rowell. “I would love to write a book with Rainbow, but her agent thinks it’s a bad idea.” He was kidding, of course, but the conversation that followed did hint that it is something they would both consider.

Here’s hoping they will return to Indy to read from the awesomeness that book would become. I might have to rearrange my bookshelf to keep their books side-by-side. While the book display was nearly empty by the time I arrived, I did buy a book for each of them to sign Friday night. I was a little worried that my high #147 wouldn’t get a signature, but both authors promised to stay as long as it took to speak to everyone.

Kids Ink Book Signing with Rainbow Rowell and David Levithan
And they went above and beyond in keeping their word. The event began at 7:00pm, and I didn’t leave until after 10, with quite a crowd still in line behind me. I had a chance to chat with them while they signed, and they were even gracious enough to pose for pictures with anyone who asked. Mine is now officially my favorite selfie of 2014, which goes perfectly with their place as my favorite books of the year.