Running Paths in Fishers

The ground is finally starting to thaw, and it seems like people are out in force running and walking. After a long winter on the treadmill, walking on the pavement feels very, very good. Personally, any day that it’s over 35 I try to get outside for a walk, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. As all of the possibilities of spring unfolds, you may feel inspired to register for one of the many 5k, half marathons and full marathons offered around Hamilton County and surrounding areas.

The Monon Trail is the obvious place to log miles, but there are plenty of other places right in Fishers to hit the pavement. Exercise is more fun with friends, but that can really crowd a sidewalk. The next time you want to run with a friend or two, try one of the many Fishers Park with wide paths, or a low-traffic neighborhood.

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