Visiting Indy: A Spring Break Essay for My Nephew

When my sister mentioned she was working through my nephew’s spring break, I suggested she send the kids to visit Indy with our other sister and me. It’s no Disney World, but at least he would have some fun stories to tell when he returned to school and plenty of things to write about for his What I Did Over Break essay. Turns out, there isn’t actually an essay after spring break, so I wrote one on his behalf.

Things to Do in IndianapolisI’ve been visiting my Aunt Heather in Indianapolis since I was potty trained. We always go to the children’s museum, visit a different park every day, and have lots of fun with her kids. They’re a lot bigger than me, but we all still love to play. In the summer, I get Aunt Heather and my cousins all to myself, but over spring break, my little sister came too. Ugh.

My grandma and grandpa drove us up on Friday and spent the night. The next morning we had to get up really early to go watch my cousins play basketball. I used to play basketball, but now it’s over. They’re both pretty good, for girls, but I mostly played out in the hallway with my other cousins.

We went to lunch at Steak ‘n Shake when the games ended. It’s my grandma’s favorite because we don’t have one in Vincennes. My Aunt Heather likes it because for some reason, she doesn’t have to pay for my food on weekends. After lunch, we were supposed to go to the Children’s Museum, but all the other kids just wanted to play outside. It wasn’t snowing or anything!

Aunt Heather promised we would go the Children’s Museum later in the week, if we wanted to play at the park instead. She has 3 parks and playgrounds right by her house! We played for hours on the playground with lots of other kids and played basketball with my Uncle Spencer. My little sister was so tired, she fell asleep right away that night and didn’t even remember to cry for Mom.

On Sunday, my other aunt came to pick us up for her turn. She lives near Indianapolis, too, but it takes half an hour to get there! She took us to the grocery store to pick out all our food, then we went to Caribbean Cove. That’s a water park, but it’s indoors! We swam and went down all the slides. It was awesome! That was my favorite part of the whole week.

We played lots of games at my aunt’s house and went to a park in Fishers, too. On Wednesday, we went to Monkey Joe’s. There are so many things to bounce and climb on, but they wouldn’t let my aunts play. They are both pretty big, so Aunt Heather followed us around and took pictures instead. It was really fun to scream while she tried to catch our slides on video.

By the time we left to go back to Aunt Heather’s for the rest of the week, we were so tired. My little sister even fell asleep, but not me! [Note from Aunt Heather: He did too.] We went to McDonald’s for dinner that night with all my cousins. Their McDonald’s is so much bigger than the ones in my town. There’s even a huge playground right inside! We played for awhile and no one even wanted to eat their Happy Meals.

Dinosphere at the Children's MuseumWhen it was time to leave, Aunt Heather let me rent a game from the Redbox so I wouldn’t be bored the next day while my cousins were in school. I got Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes for the Wii! She also promised to take me to the Children’s Museum after lunch! It was another really long drive. My sister fell asleep again! [Note from Aunt Heather: So did he.]

My favorite part is the always the dinosaurs. The fake ones outside are so funny, and the real ones in the basement are huge. When I was little, I knew all the names of the dinosaurs, but now I can’t remember all of them. We saw a Tyrannosaurus Rex and a mummified Duckbill. It was a real dinosaur with skin and everything. Plus, I got to talk to a scientist and touch a real dinosaur bone!

[Note from Aunt Heather: Leonardo the Mummified Dinosaur is on display in Dinosphere with other unique fossils.]

My grandma and grandpa came back that night and had dinner with us because my cousin had Grandparents’ Day the next morning. We didn’t have to leave yet! I was really glad. I missed my mom, but Aunt Heather had told us about a really cool indoor park we could go to since it was so cold again. We went to the grocery store and bought a chicken dinner to eat on the picnic tables and then drove to The Park.

It was at a really big church, but there’s a huge playground inside. We went down the slides over and over again — the orange slide is really high up and was my favorite! I also climbed the rock wall, but my little sister had to climb the little kid version because she got scared. Inside the playground there was also a small trampoline and a thing that slides you across that Aunt Heather kept calling a zipline. There was more, but we were too tired to play anymore.

[Note from Aunt Heather: The Park at Trader’s Point is open 7 days a week and completely free to the public.]

We got back to Aunt Heather’s just as her kids were getting off the bus, so we could play for a little while longer before it was time to leave. We went to the park outside one more time while Grandpa loaded up our suitcases. Aunt Heather kept saying we would both be asleep before they hit the highway, but I wasn’t that tired. It was a really fun week, and I can’t wait to come back this summer when my cousins will be home all day too. There are a lot of things to do in Indianapolis!