Long’s Bakery Donut Buying Rules

Long's Bakery sign

With a sign this vintage, it has to be good.

Long’s Bakery and its oh-so-right-but-oh-so-wrong-for-you array of donuts is one of those things that is ingrained as a sense memory for me. I can, on command, recall the sweet smell, the soft and sugary texture, even the taste of a Long’s donut. The fact that I came to know Long’s through Sunday morning donuts at church only further seals them as “heavenly” in my mind. If you’re going to try a Long’s donut by going straight to the source (their shop at 1453 N. Tremont Street, a bit east of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway), there are a few things you should know before going.

Cash only sign at Long's Donuts.

Your plastic isn’t good at Long’s. This is a cash-only operation.

Cash only. No credit cards. No debit cards. No checks. Nothing but cold, hard cash will put a hot, soft donut in your hands. (And there is no in-store ATM to help you out.)

Be prepared to wait. Early mornings, especially on the weekends, you will be greeted with a line out the door. Bring a book with you. Play Words with Friends on your phone. Offer up prayers of gratitude that you are about to taste the divine. It’s worth the wait.

Know what you want. This is an unwritten rule at Long’s. There is a metal divider in the shop which is used to corral the throngs of waiting customers. (Seriously, I was there at 11am on a Tuesday and there were eight people in line.) If you are on the back side of the divider, it’s ok to chat with fellow donut lovers. But, once you make that turn, it’s game time. Know what you want so there will be no dilly dallying when it’s your turn to order.

Donuts in the display case

Just a sampling of the sugary deliciousness that awaits

Stick with the donuts. Now, the Long’s people will probably tell you to try a custom baked cake. You might be tempted (as my husband has on several occasions) to try one of the other pastry creations. But people, listen. to. me… stick with the donuts. The butter. The sugar. The white fluff filling. The airy yeast. The moist cake. The donuts. That’s all I have to say about that.

Long’s Bakery is open daily from 5:30am to 8:00pm. They also have a location at 2301 E. Southport Rd., where a friend assures me the rules for buying donuts are the same.