Lunch Date at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

We have a family membership to the Children’s Museum and visit as much as possible. The kids love every inch of it and frequently argue over who gets to choose our starting point. But one of the things that helps us get the most value from it is our day trips without them.

It’s a great place for kids and for a kid at heart — which we both are. It’s one of my very favorite daytime dates. While the kids are at school, we can spend an hour or two at the children’s museum enjoying our favorites, without whiny kids, without arguing over which exhibit to visit next, and without skipping our favorites because the kids find them “boring.”

The Power of Children ExhibitFor example, The Power of Children exhibit is amazing, and I could spend hours lost in there. I love hearing the stories and experiencing the world’s of Ruby Bridges, Anne Frank, and Ryan White.

It’s a little above the kids heads, and they blow through it too quickly to truly enjoy it. Without them, we can wander through at our pace — I learn something new every time.

From there, we move onto the Toys and Games section. On the top floor, the museum features old-school games that our kids are just way too cool to enjoy. Without them, we can play Pong or Pac-Man to our hearts content.

Right now, they even have a temporary arcade that features Asteroids, pinball, Galaga, and several more arcade games. I am genuinely sad that this is leaving next week, and we’re already planning another date this week before the kids are home for spring break! I’m pretty killer at Asteroids, though Spencer took the high score on our last visit. (I think I was just too distracted by pinball to give it the attention it deserved.)

Riding the CarouselAnd no trip to the Children’s Museum is complete without a ride on the antique carousel. I always pick a pony because the lions and giraffes don’t go up and down. What’s the point of a carousel if it doesn’t go up and down? It’s a lot of fun to hop on and be silly together.

Which is the whole point. It’s tough to find a babysitter to squeeze in date nights, but a quick lunch date while the kids are already in school is a perfect way to disconnect from the world for a bit, while we reconnect with one another.