Mini Model LEGO Build For Super Fans

Waiting to get into the LEGO store free buildOn the first Tuesday of every month, we pack up our electronics, snacks and children and head to the Castleton Mall. There we line up with other diehard fans and wait. No, we aren’t camping out for concert tickets, although the line sometimes stretches past several stores. We line up in eager anticipation of the LEGO stores free monthly build. At 5pm sharp, participants start to enter the store and build the month’s project.

This month’s build fell over spring break, so we made plans to attend. My family got in line about 4:15pm and got comfortable in line. Most kids had an iPod or tablet to keep them busy, as parents smiled at each other in that, “Your kid is obsessed too, huh?” way. The build started right at 5:00pm, and we were in the store by about 5:30pm.  Employees monitored the line as we waited, and assured everyone there were enough kits for all the kids in line (they have 250 kits each month).


There were several tables set up around the store, staffed by store employees to oversee the project. The kit was simple for my eight year old to assemble, my five year old needed some assistance. My son was thrilled with the helicopter he constructed, and he was thrilled to fly it through the store when we were done.

After exploring the store for another fifteen minutes, we were ready to go. I was a bit cranky by this time, but my kids (five and eight year olds) were on cloud nine. They were excited to have a new LEGO creation, and excited to talk to other kids who love these plastic bricks as much as they do. Hanging on the store door was a poster for May’s build and on our way out, the children made sure that I saw it, so I would know when to bring them back.