Garden of Delight: Holliday Park Rock Garden

After a long, cold winter, the entire city of Indianapolis seems to be taking to the parks. My family landed at Holliday Park last Sunday. As the kids hit the playground, I wandered a little bit and happened upon a rock garden.

Holliday Park rock garden wallThe rock garden was originally designed in the 1930s. The rock at the entrance explains that it’s been restored in recent years. A stroll through it delights the senses. From the road that connects the nature center to the playgrounds, start your slow descent through unique landscaping. The flowers are just starting to bloom, and green plants are coming to life. You’ll end up on one of the many trails after a few hundred yards that will lead to either the nature center or down to the White River. A jaunt through the rock garden will transport you away from the city and into another world. It reminds me of Rock City, located in the mountains of Tennessee. It’s just a fraction of the size, but it’s the same kind of environment. I can’t wait to return when it’s in full bloom in a few weeks.