Animal Secrets at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

You may have seen the commercials on television or heard them on the radio. The jingle is catchy, and it did the trick- my entire family was excited to learn how the mama bat tracks her babies, and so much more. We spent a good hour in the Animal Secrets exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and we all had a good time.

Animal Secrets ChimpmunksThis temporary exhibit explores many Indiana animals, their habitats, and their habits. Visitors can explore a cave, sit in an eagle’s nest, collect acorns and so much more. The Naturalist’s tent has casts of the footprints of animals found in Indiana, as well as model skulls. There are staff members in the exhibit to answer questions and to present things like animal pelts and other specimens. There is also a section that includes model building and ideas on how to make a nature collection.

We were able to attend a naturalist talk on the snakes of Indiana. He brought along several of his slithery friends from a local nature preserve. At the end of the half hour presentation, guests were invited to touch one of the snakes.

The exhibit does a good job of presenting animals in their habitats, and revealing their “secrets.” Kids who are inclined to dramatic play will love the animal vest costumes. Children dressed up at chipmunks and birds and really got into the parts. My third grader loved reading all of the facts about the different animals, and activities were explanatory enough for my kindergartener. My kids played until it  we told them it was time to move on, and only after we promised we’d return in the very near future. Animal Secrets will be at the museum through May 4, 2014.