Indianapolis Indies

Highland ReignHome to the fastest growing independent film industry, Indianapolis draws artists from all over the world who strive to make a name for themselves. Screenwriters, dancers, musicians, filmmakers and other artists are all necessary for any production company to make a movie. Most artists begin their career as an indie. An indie is someone who creates something but is not tied down to a company. They are free to produce and market their own work however they chose. Once an indie gathers a large enough fan base they may be able to move out of freelance and into a position with a reputable company. Indianapolis is a mecca for many indie artists who strive to take their art form to the next level. One group of these indie artists is the musicians.

From high school bands to rock bands, Indianapolis encourages local musicians to share their love for music with residents. The city provides many opportunities for bands of all genres to express themselves and gain exposure. Local bands can be found at fairs, festivals, and downtown. During the day, Indianapolis is full of people going to and from work. Tourists visit the many historical sites and monuments. But at night the city truly comes alive.

It’s not hard to find a local band playing somewhere in downtown Indianapolis. The local establishments enjoy having the bands play because it draws business. On any given night, groupies flock to the bars where their favorite bands play. The bands gain exposure and enlarge their fan base while the establishment makes money from all the new business. Local bands, such as Highland Reign, work their circuit between festivals, fairs and nightly appearances at local Irish pubs. The more the local bands play in different arenas within the city the more fans they acquire. Some of the local bands have become so popular that they are able to sell their music on CD’s and have their own music videos on YouTube. Music is important and it seems Indianapolis understands that. During the spring and summer months the city hosts several live music performances by local musicians that is free to the public. The city also hosts an annual Independent Music + Arts Festival that is free to the public. The festival is a daylong event that features local musicians and other local independent artists. This year the festival will take place on June 14th at 1505 N. Delaware Street from noon to 8pm.