Super Savings On the Southside

Savings on the SouthsideSome of the first things I look for when I’m new to an area are the consignment shops, yard sales, and thrift stores. I’ve learned over the years that your family and your home can look it’s best without items at brand name prices. It’s easy to shop for name brand items at greatly reduced prices in Indianapolis’ SouthSide. I’ve listed a few resources below that will help you to save money in this side of the city.

1)   YARD SALES – Like most areas of the Midwest, once summer hits it’s time for yard sales. The SouthSide has so many yard sales that you need to prepare ahead of time before you go shopping. I usually scan the SouthSider Voice, Craigslist and the SouthSide-Marion County Garage Sales Facebook group. Once I have a list of the yard sales I want to visit I’ll map the addresses out and make a list of them in order of stops. The next morning I head out the door at 7 am so I can hit my first yard sale a little before 8. The earlier you start the more you can visit and the better chance you have of getting large items. But if you really want an item and want to haggle I would wait to visit the yard sale site again closer to their closing time. Most vendors will drastically drop their prices towards the end of the day because they don’t want the items.

2)  CONSIGNMENT STORES – These stores are great if you have items in your closet that you want to sell but don’t want to have a yard sale. Most of these stores, such as Selective Seconds Consignment, are located in Greenwood. The consignment stores can be quite selective so before you try to sell your items make certain they are in good condition and the store accepts the item.

3)  THIRFT STORES – Like consignment stores, the discount store offers name brand items at deep discounts. But unlike the consignment shop, the items in the discount stores are donated instead of bought from their previous owner. The SouthSide has two great discount stores, The Salvation Army Store and Goodwill. They are not that very far from one another on South Meridian Street. The two stores have a great selection on clothes and gently used furniture. I have found Goodwill to be better organized and has a greater selection of women’s sized clothing.