Bosma Enterprises Gives Hope to the Blind

Indianapolis Blind

Over 10 million people in the United States are legally blind or blind. When most people hear that someone is blind they generally have pity on them and think the person can’t live an independent life. Americans have always been headstrong. We don’t like to be told we can’t do something and when faced with a challenge we will fight until the very end to overcome whatever obstacle we are facing. The blind and legally blind of Indianapolis have been given the chance to live an independent life through the help of Bosma Enterprises.

I first learned of Bosma after my husband and I moved to Indianapolis. He had become legally blind and we moved to the state so I could find a better job. He had been working with Vocational Rehab in Kentucky. We transferred his case to Indiana. A few weeks later we met with his counselor who had suggested my husband should go to Bosma. Bosma has truly changed our lives and continues to do so. My husband is now perusing a career as a translator and paralegal.

Bosma Enterprises has provided job training, counseling, employment services, and rehabilitation to the blind and visually impaired since 1915. Bosma Enterprises envisions a world where people who are blind or visually impaired have equality in the workplace, society and at home. They create opportunities for their participants to live an independent life.

Bosma’s rehabilitation program has helped thousands of Indianapolis blind and visually impaired residents. Their program is not a cookie cutter recipe but is individualized to meet the needs of their client. The normal length of the Bosma program is three months but participants have the option to expand their training if the teachers feel the student needs more time. The class days are Monday through Friday from 8 to 3pm. Students are released at 1pm on the last Friday of the month. A normal week a student is given nine classes but only attends eight of them any given day. Classes include orientation, computers, counseling, group sessions, independent living skills and more. Some activities the students are taught are things you would never image a blind or visually impaired person doing such as cooking, woodworking, fixing things, playing sports and computer repair.

Bosma Enterprises has partnered with other agencies in order to improve the lifestyle of the blind and visually impaired. Some of the organizations they work with are the Indiana Vocational Rehabilitation, United States Association of Blind Athletes and the National Federation of the Blind.