Listen to Your Mother at Indiana History Center

2014 Listen to Your Mother Indianapolis Cast

2014 Listen to Your Mother Indianapolis Cast

Last year, I had the immense honor of being a part of the Listen to Your Mother Show in Indianapolis. Today, I got to see it again from the house seats, and it was just as amazing as I remembered it. Listen to Your Mother is a nationwide show that gives motherhood a microphone.

Stories about moms and mothering are read by local writers in 32 cities across the country. The Indianapolis show features 14 writers, bloggers, and poets reading their own stories about parenting, children, and their mothers. If you are a mother, have a mother, or just know a mother, grab her and get there to the Indiana History Center before the 5pm show. Tickets are $20 at the door plus 10% of proceeds benefit Partners in Housing.

If you can’t get here in the next hour, be sure to watch the Listen to Your Mother YouTube channel later this year for the official videos so you don’t miss it altogether. The show features Fun City Finder’s own Michelle McNally as producer/co-director and speaker. Her piece, titled Did You Miss Me While You Were Sleeping? tells the all too familiar tale of sleepless nights and exhausted parenting with a touching twist that had me grabbing for the tissues.

2013 Cast Members at Today's Show

2013 Cast Members at Today’s Show

In 2013, I basically sobbed through the entire show. On stage. I even had to choke back tears when I read my own Yesterday She Was a Baby story about being a young mom to a now teen daughter. And then I roared with laughter as the tears continued to pour down my face during Amy Magan’s Mommy’s Favorite Game.

This year’s emotional roller coaster was no different. I saw the show with a few friends from last year’s cast as well as my own daughter, who was the subject of my piece in 2013. From hilarious stories about sassy teens to heart-wrenching stories of grief and loss, Listen to Your Mother is an emotional 2 hours everyone should see.