Come One, Come All To The Bigger Picture Show!

The Bigger Picture Show Silent Auction finally arrived to Indianapolis!


Art and film enthusiasts gathered at the Speak Easy on May 9th from 6:30 to 9:30 for the annual Bigger Picture Show Silent Auction.


The Bigger Picture Show is an annual event that celebrates five decades of filmmaking. Each year, The Indianapolis Film Festival with Lodge Design and Marketing invite local graphics designers to create a movie poster for a movie from the 30’s to the 90’s. The designers are asked to recreate the movie poster with their own unique perspective of the film. In the past, the participants could choose their own movie. This year the Indianapolis Film Festival decided to change the process. Designers were given a list of movies organized by film era and asked to choose their favorite movie from each category. After all the entries were gathered the Bigger Picture Show Silent Auction organizers would chose a movie for each participant and mail their selection to them.


The Bigger Picture Show Silent Auction is a great way for Indianapolis graphic designers to be recognized by the public and support the ten days Indianapolis Film Festival that is held every July. Each year, the public is invited to the Bigger Picture Show Silent Auction. The graphic designers’ movie posters are spread throughout the Speakeasy with a bid sheet next to it. The public is invited to bid on any movie poster they like. Once they arrive to the venue they can register to bid at the registration table, where they receive a look book and personal bid number. Starting bids are $35 and the minimum bid increment is $5. If someone really likes a poster but doesn’t want to risk placing a big on it they can buy the poster outright for $500. All proceeds go towards the Indianapolis Film Festival.   The silent auction is anything but silent. Loud music echoes off the walls from a local DJ while the public interact with the local designers. Beer and wine are plentiful along with refreshments served by a local food truck. It’s a great time for all. Designers, writers, DJ but most importantly, the public.