Indianapolis: The Mecca of Great Graphic Designers

Indianapolis is a mecca for all sorts of artists. From musicians to graphic artists, you are bound to find someone in the city who is an artist. Being an artist is hard work. Some artists can use their artistic talents as a career while others have to work a day job to pay the bills and pursue their artistic ventures on the side. Graphic designers are of that rare breed of artists who can beautifully mold their artistic vision with a daily paycheck. But like most artists for hire, they are held bound to what the client wants more than freely expressing their artistic visions on a project.


Indianapolis is home to several graphic design agencies and there is one event that allows them to play…. The Bigger Picture Show. Graphic Designers from throughout the city are invited to participate in the event. This year 47 local graphic designers answered the challenge to recreate a movie poster from between the 30’s to the 90’s. One of these graphic designers was Nathan Zarse. Zarse is no stranger to the event. He has participated in the annual Bigger Picture Show since it was launched five years ago. Each year he tries to simplify the concept even more. This year he was given the movie “Bringing Up Baby.”


Nathan Zarase has been a graphic designer his entire life but has worked professionally in that field for nine years. Like most Indianapolis graphic designers, he works with an agency. He loves working as a graphic designers because it allows him to be creative with a purpose.

The Bigger Picture Show gives the local graphic designers the freedom to express their creativity without the constraints of pleasing a client. “The event allows designers to step out of our normal client relationship,” Zarse said. He further explained, the movie is the client. When a graphic designer creates a poster he or she serves to honor the purpose of the artists who created the movie.


Indianapolis graphic designers want outsiders to view their work at the Bigger Picture Show Silent Auction. “I want to bring forth my best effort. I want to make sure I represent my community well. It’s all about representing our city in design,” quoted Zarse. Indianapolis hasn’t been known for its graphic designers but if the local graphic designers, such as Nathan Zarse, have it there way everyone in the nation would know only the best graphic designs come from Indianapolis.