Local Band Draws Big Crowds

One of the best things about living in Indianapolis is the cultural experiences you can have on a daily basis. Indianapolis is home to many Indie musicians and artists. The city warmly encourages artists to express their creativity with a wide range of opportunities and Indies love it.

Highland Reign

You might be asking yourself with is an Indie? Being an indie has nothing to do with being from Indianapolis. An indie artist is someone who is independent, meaning they are in control of their own art career and not a company. Some indies do have agents or managers. There use to be a time when artists needed companies, such as record labels, to make a career in their chosen art form. Oh, but the times have changed with the internet granting greater exposure to indie artists and Indianapolis has quickly taken note of that. Most artists today start out as indie artists and build their career from that level before seeking out a record label, publishing house, etc. Yet some indies are able to stand on their own. The indie scene is one of the fastest growing markets in the United States. The internet has helped to launch thousands of artists who could only dream of the career they now have without representation. Indianapolis may be known for the Pacers, Speedway, and Colts but did you know that this city is also known for their indie artists?


One of the best known bands in the region is a Scottish-American band called Highland Reign. If you’re ever in the downtown area when this band is playing you don’t want to miss their show. It’s a fun time with lots of beer, good music and dancing. You may even catch Brian McClure fiddling on top of a table. You  just never know what these guys might do.


Highland Reign is so popular they even have their own fan club called The Reigniacs. The Reigniacs are die hard groupies that follow the band all over the place. Their  faithful leader is the biggest fan of all, Heather Rogers Stenger. Heather is not afraid to show her pride for the band at any event. The Reigniacs are so large they even have their own mascot and Facebook group.


The band loves their fans so much that they even organize an overseas tour in Ireland, Scotland and England. Their fans can buy tickets to the weeklong cruise where they are offered the opportunity to explore Ireland, Scotland and England with the band.

Highland Reign is comprised of  Leslie Miller, Patrick Norris and Brian McClure. Their music is so popular that they have sold over 15,000 copies of the CD’s and have been deemed as one of America’s Favorite Scottish Folk Bands.


The band had been featured at many Scottish/Irish Festivals throughout the United States, Scotland and Ireland. The New York Times gave the best description of their music when they wrote: “If you like your traditional Scottish and Irish songs with an edge then Highland Reign is for you!”


Who knew such a great band existed in Indianapolis? It all began with a dream and a city that loves their indie artists.