Top Three Most Entertaining Animals at the Indianapolis Zoo

If you heading out to the Indianapolis Zoo you won’t want to miss out on these three animals. The Indianapolis Zoo is home to 250 animals but it only takes three of them to cheer your heart.


1) Sea Lions

One of the first animals you will encounter as you enter the gate are the California Sea Lions. You may hear their songs long before you actually see one. While the other Sea Lion love to just lay out in the sun there is one special sea lion that just has to perform for any size crowd. The more attention you give him the louder he sings. You don’t want to miss out on his own personal show. He loves to play in the water then come right up to the fence to sing you a song. He’ll sing forever and just when you think he is done….he’ll sing you another song.


Once you have heard his song you will want to go into the Ocean’s Biodome and head to your left to the Penguin Exhibit.

2) Penguins

The Penguin Exhibit is home to several different types of penguins.


You’ll want to keep your eyes on one of the youngest penguins.He loves to play with anything that will fit into his beak. The last time my husband and I saw him he was playing with a round stone. He accidently dropped the stone into the water and just stared down at it for a long time contemplating whether or now he should go get it. He decided against it and the older penguins just gave him that face like, “Kids.”


3) Polar Bear

After your visit with the silly penguin you’ll want to head towards the dolphins but stop at the Polar Bear. The Polar Bear at the Indianapolis Zoo is very playful. He loves to swim around and play with his favorite toy, a blue ball.


Just don’t try to take his ball away. He’s not afraid to make certain you know that the ball is his toy and not yours. It’s a look but don’t touch policy with this bear.