The Art Lab: Taking the Arts To the Public

Art education has always been a hot topic of debate in the educational system. Every time the United States is faced with a recession or depression the topic of cutting funding for the arts is the first to be revisited. Every artist who decides to turn their craft into a trade must accept the reality of job insecurity, especially in education. Indianapolis is the perfect place for an artist to redefine their artistic vocational ventures. Everywhere you turn, artists are encouraged to share their creativity and their pieces of art.


The advent of the internet and social media have changed our society. We live in a world where the artist can thrive. Artists can find employment in wide array of jobs and the art industry is expected to grow 43% by 2016. Yet, it’s hard for some schools to offer art education due to their finances. This next generation of Americans are visual thinkers and spend a great deal playing games, interacting on the internet or watching TV. Their minds crave the arts.

Rocky Ripple Clayworks, based out of Indianapolis, takes a different approach to Art Education and it’s something you may have never heard of. Instead of students coming to his studio, he takes the studio to them. The Art Lab is a mobile art studio that travels throughout the state bringing art education programs to children and adults. Each class is individualized to meet the needs of the group that has scheduled an Art Lab visit. Families and organizations can chose from a wide range of art instruction including painting, clay and mixed medias.  Groups who have used the Art Lab have included after school programs, parties, retreats, and more.


Rocky Ripple Clayworks has been working with clay for 20 years and has been teaching classes for 16 years. He travels a lot throughout the state with the Art Lab. While the Art Lab does have a website, most of his business comes from word of mouth.