Everything Is Awesome When Movies Are Cheap

Cinemark Dollar Movie TheaterI love movie theaters. Love. Growing up in a small town, it was pretty much the only entertainment. We went to the movies on dates, with friends, and as a family. My parents still go to the movies at least once per week.

But, with four kids, a movie can cost $50, just to get through the door. The snacks cost an arm and a leg, but what’s a movie without popcorn? $75 later, Let It Go is stuck in my head for a month. Not really worth it. Luckily, Indianapolis is blessed with Cinemark Theaters — featuring second-run movies for less than $2 per person.

There are two dollar movie theater locations, on East Washington and Stop 13 on the south side. Cinemark also has reasonably priced concessions. Well, a little more reasonably priced anyway. Buying their reusable popcorn bucket and drink for $6 each entitles you to $3 refills all year.

We usually see one full-priced (matinee) in the summer and another over Thanksgiving weekend. Otherwise, it’s dollar movie theaters all the time. And, yes, I know $1.75 isn’t $1, but The $1.75 Theater doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. At these prices, I can take the entire family to the theater and buy snacks to share for less than $25.

Which is why the kids are so excited to discover the Lego Movie finally opened at Cinemark this weekend. Everything is awesome! We are planning our next movie night and hoping Mr. Peabody doesn’t leave before we have a chance to see both movies. If you need me this month, I’ll be in the cheap seats.