Addams Family the Musical: Spooky, Cooky, and All Grown Up

Addams Family the MusicalAs a Twittic for Broadway Across America in Indianapolis, I have been going to the theatre in Indy for years to provide Twitter reviews of touring musicals. Since I get two tickets, and babysitters are hard to come by, I usually take a kid with me each time.

The tween loves musicals and begs to go every time. The teen enjoys select shows, and the boy saw his first Broadway musical just last month when Memphis came to town. This week, it was finally the little one’s turn. At 8, she is finally old enough to understand theatre etiquette and couldn’t wait to see a show.

When I looked at the touring schedule, there wasn’t an option that looked super family-friendly. I mean, I took my 11-year-old to Flashdance. When I saw the Addams Family the Musical, I immediately thought of our youngest. She has been obsessed with Halloween for years.

She digs the macabre, and I knew the silly theme song and humor would be right up her alley. What I didn’t expect was the more, um, adult humor. I suppose it was always there — it’s been years since I’ve seen the original Addams Family — but it was probably over my head. Luckily, it seemed to be over hers as well.

She enjoyed the music and dancing, and as expected, she loved the creepy set. The dark, spooky themes are all there, but in this version of the Addams Family, Wednesday is all grown up and ready to get married. Yeah, married. It felt a little out of character when I first heard the premise, but they really make it work. Crazier Than You is a fun little number that showcases the surprising relationship.

It also gets stuck in your head. The little one has been singing the chorus to her siblings all week, and proudly wears her new Crazier Than You souvenir button to school every day. Now that she’s had her first real theatre experience, she is hooked! And, I’m thrilled that next year’s lineup has a few more kid-friendly options — Beauty and the Beast, Annie, and Elf should all be great choices for younger audiences.

I would call Addams Family PG-13, but it was okay for her since she didn’t really “get” the innuendos. Of course, she didn’t get the awesome pop culture references either, but there was still plenty of humor and fun. There are still 6 performances left this weekend at Clowes Memorial Hall, including matinees on both Saturday and Sunday, if you want to check it out for yourself.