Dark Armies Paintball Arena: Serious Fun

Paint-BallThe Dark Armies Paintball Arena resides towards the northeast corner of metropolitan Indianapolis, south of outlying Lawrence, Indiana, off Interstate 70 on Indy‘s east side.
Doing Indy video about the paintball paradise, Dark Armies in Lawrence, Indiana

This classic paintball arena offers a clever twist: It’s indoors and it’s totally dark, except for the Black Lights, including the players’ vests that glow in the dark. They offer Gameplay such as “Capture the Flag,” good fun for every age.

Indianapolis kids love places like Dark Armies Paintball Arena, and staunch paintballers agree this is a good place for newbies to start out in the sport. Before players can start, the staff takes them through a fairly exhaustive orientation process, geared mostly to ensure their safety.

The playing field itself is inside a warehouse decked out to look like an abandoned city. Prices vary, since they change the various features, and attractions, but are generally around $20 per hour.

Dark Armies Paintball Arena
2525 N. Shadeland Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46219

See the Dark Armies website