Sculpture Walk is Free Lesson in Art Appreciation

Stand of Poppies

“Stand of Poppies” by artist Jennifer Meyer

If you’re looking for something different — and free — to do this summer, check out the Sculpture Walk at the University of Indianapolis. Sponsored by Fifth Third Bank, the walk includes 23 sculptures from various artists around the country. The majority of the sculptures are located outdoors on the southside campus.

The Sculpture Walk can be visited anytime during the year, but summer is an especially good time because parking is plentiful, the weather is likely to be agreeable, and fewer students are on campus.  Pack a lunch or a snack as there are several picnic tables scattered throughout campus.

As a mom, I can think of several ways to enjoy the walk:

1. Print the Sculpture Walk map and walk through campus, stopping at each sculpture to read the name of the sculpture and the artist. Ask your children (or yourself) what their favorite part of that particular piece of art is. (It’s ok if there is a piece they don’t like.)

Wave Form Two

“Wave Form Two” by artist Gary Gresko

2. Bring crayons and paper, choose one or two sculptures and ask the kids to draw a picture of the art.  By visiting just one or two sculptures, you can make the UIndy Sculpture Walk a regular part of your summer.

3. Talk about the names of the sculptures. “What would you have called this piece if you were the artist? Why do you think the artist chose the name he or she did?”

4. Return home from the walk, pull out the art supplies and see what inspiration your kids took from the sculptures they viewed as they create their own art masterpieces.

5. Leave the kids at home and make an inexpensive Saturday afternoon date out of the walk.