The Best Popcorn in Indianapolis Movie Theaters

Best Popcorn at Indianapolis Movie TheatersI will freely admit — I mostly go to a movie theater for the popcorn. You just can’t replicate that movie theater, buttery goodness at home. My love of movie theater popcorn even means I will drive 20 minutes to see a movie in Castleton, when there’s a theater down the street.

Because the popcorn is so much better. I have the Indianapolis movie theaters ranked by popcorn taste. Yeah, I might have issues. But if I’m going for an all-out movie theater experience and paying that much money for movie snacks, that popcorn better be worth it!

That’s why I put together the movie theater list you’ve been waiting for — the definitive guide to movie theater popcorn in Indianapolis. Here is where you can find the best popcorn in Indy:

  • AMC Theatres Not only do they have the best popcorn in the city, but the butter dispensers are self-serve, leaving you to get it just right. Ask for a courtesy cup to fill for fresh butter throughout the movie!
  • Cinemark Theaters They carry Orville Redenbacher popcorn — an Indiana legacy — and it’s tasty as well as inexpensive. Sign up for their weekly email for a free coupon each week. It is often free popcorn with purchase of a drink, with the side benefit of cheap admission. Dollar theaters for the win!
  • Goodrich Quality Theaters This popcorn is tasty but at a price! They even charge for extra butter. Drinks are self-serve with unlimited free refills, though, if you can stand to get up in the middle of a movie.
  • Landmark Theaters The popcorn here is not bad, but I’d much rather grab a cosmo for my movie at Landmark Keystone Arts Theatre, with the bar attached.
  • Regal/UA Galaxy Cinemas This is the one I drive by on the way to any other theater. The popcorn is dry, stale, and not worth the price you’ll pay. If you want movie candy, though, look no further than your change tin — there is a whole wall of candy machines that only cost a quarter at most Regal Cinemas.