eBash Video Game Center Offers a Variety of Gaming Fun

Indianapolis area video game enthusiasts have a new hangout in Castleton. Gamers are able to play a wide variety of games on different platforms, all in a social environment. eBash Video Game Center is a gaming center the whole family can enjoy. Housed in the former Ovation showroom, there’s 7,000 ft of space dedicated to XBox 360, PC gaming and more. It’s a family-orientated space that keeps the offline environment rated G, and comfortable for gamers and non-gamers alike.

We recently attended an open house, and all we needed to start playing was a username. With a username in the system, players are able to log onto any available machine and start playing variety of games. My kids stuck with their favorites, Minecraft and Plants vs. Zombies. They also tried out Mario Kart on the Wii U and watched teens play a variety of games.

eBash video gaming center exteriorThere are several rooms that can be closed off for privacy for special events and birthday parties. We were there while a party was in progress, and the attendees were having a great time. eBash has a variety of candy, snacks and soft drinks available, but also allows outside food and drink. Knowing that we can bring our own munchies next time means that we can really make an afternoon or evening out of our gaming time. There are tables and chairs available for eating, but food and drinks are allowed around the gaming stations as well. Prices start at just $10 for 3 hours of game time, and the time you purchase never expires. A VIP membership offers the opportunity to purchase time at more of a discount, and access to certain events.

ebash-gaming-sofasNon-gamers  may want to know why gamers would want to play video games outside of their basement. eBash provides a place for gamers to socialize while doing what they love. Everyone has their own screen at eBash, instead of the split screen action that happens when several players are sharing a console at home. It’s also great for when friends or siblings like to hangout with each other, but play different games. Much like the rise in the popularity of game libraries like Game Paradise an Hero’s Emporium, eBash takes a home activity and puts a social spin on it.

whiteboard at ebash video gaming center eBash hosts a variety of weekly special events, including “Minecraft Monday” and free admission for church youth groups on Thursday. They also host weekend lockins, where gamers can arrive in the evening and play through the next morning.  This summer, students ages 10-16 interested in game creation and web design can attend Create & Play Camp. It’s a great way for kids interested in technology to learn what goes into game and website making.

eBash is a great place for kids and adult to indulge in their video game hobby. It’s a change of scenery from your home gaming environment, and fun way to meet people with similar interests.


If you go:


6609 E. 82nd Street

Indianapolis, IN 46250