6 Hilarious Traffic Signs You Won’t Find on a Driving Test

Road Signs - ConstructionThe teen finally has her learner’s permit after weeks of studying rules of the road and traffic signs. The signs were the tough part — trying to memorize all the shapes and colors to recognize without the words you will see in real life.

There were signs in her study guide I’ve never even seen before, and it got me thinking. I’ve seen many other traffic signs in the Indianapolis area that no one ever told me about. So, I checked — and none of these are in the DMV handbook my teen used to study for the test.

Here are 6 Indianapolis traffics signs that make me laugh every time I drive by:

Downtown Indianapolis: Just in case you need to pull off the road for an emergency wine tasting, Indianapolis has helpfully labeled local wineries with traffic signs like this one.
Road Signs - Winery

Castleton: We don’t just have pedestrians in Castleton. This is shopping central. Only shoppers cross the streets around here.
Road Signs - Shoppers Crossing

Westfield: Many school zones in the Indy area are labeled as no idle zones to prevent parents from leaving the cars running in the pickup line. My kids call this the “no farting zone sign.” Because we’re classy like that.
Road Signs - No Idle Zone

Downtown Indianapolis: I get labeling the airport and bus stops with standardized, familiar signs for those who need them. But I promise anyone headed to the heliport knows exactly where it is.
Road Signs - Heliport

Carmel: It should be noted this Golf Cart Crossing sign is not actually near a golf course. Never change, Carmel. Never change.
Road Signs - Golf Cart Crossing

Broad Ripple: I know people who struggle with parallel parking, and I struggle with swinging my car into perpendicular spaces. I expected chaos created by a one-way parking strip on the wrong side of the street, but everyone seems to figure it out. Mostly.
Road Signs - Back-In Parking