Indiana’s ALL-IN Challenge is for All

Indiana Humanities has kicked off a challenge for all Hoosiers of our great state–the All-IN challenge. Charged with encouraging the humanities throughout the state, this challenge promises to promote the organization and the arts.


These eight topics will be shaping the conversations taking place throughout the eight weeks of ALL-IN. This topics challenge participants to expand their minds and experience new things. The challenges are available on the website and via email. I’ve signed up for the emails,  and I really enjoy clicking around and taking in all of the information. Once you’re signed in, a virtual scorecard helps you to keep track of what you’ve completed.

The program launched officially on June 24 and runs through August 19, 2014. In each topic there are two challenges (basic and advanced), fun facts, quotes from Indiana residents and a short poll. The website is very interactive, so it’s easy to share that you’re participating on social channels. It’s then easy to scan social  media for the hashtags and find other participants. Each challenge has a unique hashtag, and there’s even a feature that helps you connect to people in your zip code via hashtag.

Lake at Fort Harrison State Park

The lake at Fort Harrison State Park

While many of the challenges are easy to complete with a few clicks, there are also challenges that make you want to get out and learn more about the community. In Explore, participants are challenged to try ethnic food. Kimu Restaurant (Burmese), Thai Spice (Thai), Tucanos (Brazilian Churrasco) and so many more delicious options present themselves in the metro area, this should not be a hard challenge to complete.

In Discover, participants are asked to share a photo of a hidden Indiana gem. It’s hard to narrow it down, but there are many special spots including the rock garden at Holliday Park, interesting shopping choices like Home Spun, and plenty of off-the-beaten-path finds at area parks.

Throughout the eight weeks, Indiana will be in the spotlight, from its architecture to its authors, from its rivers to its crops. I’m excited to see what future challenges bring, and I’m excited to connect with others who are participating. To join in the fun, visit