A Look Inside the Indianapolis Firefighters Museum

FireMuseumFront__FCFAs my family strolled along Mass Ave on the Fourth of July, we wandered into the historic Indianapolis Firefighters Museum. Housed in historic fire station no. 2, door was wide open and welcoming visitors. I’d passed by the museum many times, but I’d never taken the time to see what the museum was all about.As you walk through the wide door, you see historic fire engines, and a video the tells the history of the Indianapolis Fire Department. As you walk through the main floor, there are displays depicting some of the major disasters in Indianapolis history. There are also tributes to September 11, 2001. Upstairs, there is more memorabilia. Visitors can see a typical firehouse bunk, as well as gear used throughout the history of the department. Art and portraits hang on the brick walled hallways, and pays tribute to the important role the IFD plays in the city.



One of the early breathing apparatus used by IFD.


A collection of tools used by IFD over the years.


Before computers, these tools were used to dispatch fire engines to the scene.


This bunk and gear is set up on the second floor, where firemen traditionally sleep.


Pumper No. 15 was one of many Stutz model pumpers in service in the early 1900

The museum is appropriate for all ages. Children who are interested in becoming firefighters will be excited by all of the equipment and gear in one place. Any citizen will appreciate the sacrifices made by the brave firefighters of this city. Admission is always free, donations are accepted. School groups regularly visit the Survive Alive program housed in the same building.

If you go:

Indianapolis Firefighters Museum and Fallen Firefighter Memorial, 748 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46204