No Bike? No Problem: Pacers Bike Share in Downtown Indy

Pacers-Bike-Share-BikesThe Cultural Trail makes for a fun bike path through Indianapolis, and now you don’t even need a bicycle to participate! With the new Pacers Bike Share program, you can rent a bicycle and enjoy a ride without the costs and hassle of ownership.

Bike stands are strategically placed along the trail and around downtown Indianapolis, including rental stations on Mass Ave and near the Convention Center. The bikes are docked year round and available to rent from 5am to midnight. There are 250 bright yellow bikes in the program (though I think the Pacers would like for us to call them gold).

Pacers-Bike-Share-bicycleYou can purchase a day pass or an annual membership — $8 for a 24-hour pass or $80 for an annual pass. Both come with unlimited 30-minute sessions included, and you’ll pay $2 for up to an hour and $4 for each half hour after that. It seemed a little pricey to me, but the bikes are pretty sweet.

They’re sturdy, feature automatic lights, and include a basket on both the front and rear of the bike. That makes Pacers Bike Share perfect for doing a little shopping up and down Mass Ave or for carting your daily trappings on a workday break. And, apparently I’m alone in balking at the price tag.

Pacers-Bike-Share-rackThere have been over 13 million rides since the program launched in May, and there seem to be less bikes available every time I pass a docking station. Which leaves plenty of empty docks tor return your bike when your ride is complete. Pacers Bike Share users can return a bicycle to any empty station, regardless of where the ride began.

I think I could work that, coupled with unlimited 30-minute sessions, to my advantage and make it a much more affordable experience.