Miles and Ellie at the Phoenix Theatre

Miles-and-Ellie-at-Phoenix-TheatreMiles and Ellie opened this weekend at the Phoenix Theatre, and I’m pretty sure everyone in Indianapolis needs to see this show.

It’s a sweet, charming, cheesy look at first love, family feuds, and 90s nostalgia. It pokes fun at rom-coms while promising the play itself is not a love story.

And I loved every minute of it.

Phoenix-TheatreThe star of the show is Lisa Ermel, who you may remember from Spun in the spring. Her big stage presence lends well to the role of Ellie — sweet, dorky, lovable Ellie — and transitions nicely in the second act to a classier, grownup version of her character.

I won’t say any more, but I will say there are 3 types of people who should not miss this production:

  • Anyone who has ever thought of their first love
  • Anyone who has ever fought with a sibling
  • Anyone who cringes at the thought of going back to the awkward high school years

Didn’t I tell you everyone needed to see this? You can catch Miles and Ellie at the Phoenix Theatre through August 10th, but get your tickets quickly! This performance is on the Frank and Katrina Basile Stage in the basement. It’s a fun, cozy venue with limited seating and is already selling out.

Tickets are $28 for adults and $18 for the under 21 set — and this is one of the few Phoenix Theatre productions that I would say is appropriate for a younger audience. It isn’t quite “family-friendly,” but it’s much less raunchy than their usual fare.

Take your high school friends, take your awkward teens, take your first love — just get thee to Pheonix Theatre. Because you may get a second chance at love, but you won’t get another chance to see Miles and Ellie.