EcoBoost Tour Rolls Into Indianapolis Saturday

EcoBoost-Charging-Station__FCFCars and Indianapolis are practically synonymous. This weekend, the Ford EcoBoost Tours rolls into town, giving Indianapolis another exhilarating car experience- driving the Fiesta ST. Held in the South Lot of Lucas Oil Stadium, registered guests will have the opportunity to drive a selection of Ford EcoBoost vehicles.

This is the last stop of the Ford EcoBoost Tour, and I’m fairly certain they saved the best stop for last. My family spent the morning at the preview event,  driving and comparing the performance of several vehicles, checking out floor models, and taking a hot lap on the performance course with a professional driver.

Ecoboost-FordFusion__FCFWe were able to drive Fords, as well as competitor cars on each the tracks. While two of the courses simulated city driving, and were designed to showcase the vehicles’ torque, steering and smooth braking, the third course was the focus of the event. The third course was home to the Fiesta ST, and should have come with “don’t try this at home”  warning like you see on car commercials.

EcoBoost-ST__FCFDrivers over 18 years of age familiar with a manual transmission are encouraged to take a spin behind the wheel of a Fiesta ST. Each driver is timed, and can see how they rank on the leaderboard on display. For younger speed enthusiasts and those of us who can’t drive a stick, a professional driver is on hand to treat people to what’s called a “hot lap.” My nine year old has a need for speed, and was able to take SEVERAL hot laps with her new friend and driver, Roger. She’s now firmly lobbying for a Fiesta ST of our very own.

The free  event on July 19, 2014 is open to the public from 9am to 5pm. Visit to register for a time to driver and learn more. It’s a fun way for car enthusiast to learn about the latest car models and technology, AND tear it up around the track! Go check it out before they drive away.