Fountain Square in Indianapolis (Photos)

Fountain-SquareWhile attending the Mixwest conference in Indianapolis last week, I spent some time in Fountain Square. The conference kickoff was at Fountain Square Brewery. The conference was held at University of Indianapolis. And we ended up at various bars and restaurants around Fountain Square in the evenings.

It was a fun look at a cultural area where I don’t typically spend much time. I ended the week wishing I lived a little closer — the nightlife is fun, the drinks were awesome, and the people-watching was amazing. If I were the type of person who could walk up and ask to take photos of people, you would be looking at an entirely different photo essay — Hipsters of Fountain Square.

It would be like HONY, but so very Indiana. Sadly, I’m not that brave, but you’ll have to head down to Fountain Square and see it all for yourself. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the week so you can feel the vibe of this cultural district.