Hipster Bars of Fountain Square

Thunderbirds-Joke-about-JamaicaIn exploring a new (to me) cultural district last week, I had the opportunity to visit a few different Fountain Square bars. There was a tiki bar, a lounge bar, a local brewery, and a nuvo-hipster bar.

Whatever that means.

Each location has a unique flavor and together, they weave the fabric of the Fountain Square nightlife. This isn’t the place for wild college weekends or visiting bachelorette parties. Fountain Square is for locals. It’s an interesting mix of creatives, and Fountain Square is the perfect scene for a more lowkey evening out with friends.

Here is a snapshot of Fountain Square nightlife:

La Revolucion Cafe and Bar is part Mexican restaurant, part tiki bar — and entirely awesome. I’ve mentioned the nacho boat before as a must-order menu item, but when in a tiki bar, order a Mai Tai. The tiki bar is on the back patio and features picnic tables, patio tables, and tiki huts.



The Brass Ring Lounge was billed to us as “the hipsteriest hipster bar in all of Indianapolis,” and it seriously delivered. The leftover overhead garage doors have been turned into a feature, and the view is spectacular. There is frequently live music, with a piano right in the lounge, and our visit was no exception. The Leisure Kings were on hand to play popular songs in lounge music form. Yeah, that’s as odd (and hipster) as it sounds.




Fountain Square Brewery is a taproom in Indianapolis that nicely blends into the cultural district. Housed in a converted garage, the brewery has blended nicely into the artistic community. Featuring local art, a pinball machine, and a laidback atmosphere, Fountain Square brewery is an awesome (and inexpensive) place to grab a local beer.



I still have no idea what nuvo-hipster means, but I seriously enjoyed the evening. The Joke About Jamaica drink I ordered was amazing, right down to the flower (see above). I also loved busting out I Think We’re Alone Now, but don’t tell the hipsters I know it from the 80s Tiffany hit rather than the original Tommy James.