IndyFringe Opens 10th Anniversary Festival

The 2014 IndyFringe Festival kicks off this weekend. This is the 10th anniversary of the edgy theater festival. In 11 days, there will be 384 performances across a eight of theaters along and near Massachusetts Avenue. Seventy eight different shows, all 45-60 minutes in length, will rotate daily, starting at 1:30 in the afternoon (on weekends) and the last show starting at 10:30pm.

indyfringe_door_LKMWednesday night was the annual preview party, where each of the shows were able to present a two minute preview. Mayor Ballard was in attendance, and even wore his Superbowl Mayor sash for the occasion. Members of the Indy Eleven soccer team were also in attendance. The partnership between Indy Eleven and IndyFringe will grant the soccer team naming rights when major renovations are complete on the IndyFringe’s main space.

The highlight of the evening though was watching quick snippets of the shows that are going up this year. A few shows that caught my eye include:

Alice vs. Wonderland: a new take on an old classic, this adaptation turns Wonderland into a video game that Alice must navigate.

Out of the Doghouse, Into the Heart: any preview that involves a standard poodle has my attention. The touching presentation about the ups and downs of pet ownership rang true, and it was oddly hilarious when the poodle was referred to as a goat in a poodle costume.

Enter the BroZone: Picture a boy band, and now picture that boyband post-college and ready to get serious. Except, they’re an aging boyband.

7 (x1) Samurai: IndyFringe is a great venue for one-person shows. In this show, there are seven samurais and assorted other characters, all played by one man who doesn’t speak throughout the entire performance.

I could go on and on. The Actual Dance is another show that will resonate with families affected by breast cancer.  There are show that discuss school violence, PTSD, and many other timely issues. The preview got me ready to pour over my show guide and plot out what shows to see when. If you’ve never been, you may wonder how to navigate such a schedule. My best advice is to go with genres you enjoy, advertisements that catch your interest, and on the recommendation of fellow show-goers. At each performance, you’ll see members of other shows passing out postcards- collecting them throughout the festival will also help you decide how to spend your time.

Each show prints and passes out cards advertising their show- it's part of the fun!

Each show prints and passes out cards advertising their show- it’s part of the fun!

Comedysportz_lkm_CRHere’s the basics of what you need to know to Fringe successfully:

Ticket information:

  • Adult tickets are $15, students/seniors are $12, children under 12 are $5.
  • Tickets may be purchased online or by phone in advance.
  • The box office opens thirty minutes before each show, and at the door sales are cash only.

There’s more to IndyFringe than the shows happening on the stages. There’s a beer tent on the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and College, featuring craft beer. There are street performers roaming the streets, and the International Cat Video Festival is also taking place.

Visit the IndyFringe website for complete details, directions, and show summaries. The visual schedule makes it easy to plan a fun day taking in the best live theatre around. This event has something for absolutely everyone!