5 Things to Pack for a Fun Go Ape Adventure

Go-Ape-ZiplineI have now been to Go Ape Adventure in Eagle Creek Park twice. Clearly that makes me some sort of expert. It’s a really fun time, and I loved sharing it with 11-year-old this summer. We visited with her Girl Scout troop. So, naturally, we went prepared.

My daughter and I each carried a lightweight pack — strapped tightly to our body to fit with the Go Ape safety rules and filled with a few “just in case” items I never leave home without. It also meant I had a place to store my keys while we were on the course. Officially, Go Ape recommends you not carry anything with you at all, but as someone who carries a giant tote bag all day, every day, there were things I just had to have.

Go-Ape-Decision-Time If you decide to pack your own bag for Go Ape, here are a few things you should include:

  • Water bottle: Go Ape is a serious workout, and you will need to stay hydrated. There are water stations at the start of each course, but we found them empty a few times. Plus, I just like having access to water whenever I wanted.
  • Bandages: Because of her latex allergy, I always carry my own bandages anyway. The Go Ape employees do carry a first-aid kit, but it was nice to patch her up and move on instead of tracking someone down after a poor zipline landing.
  • Lanyard or wrist strip: You cannot have your phone or camera out of your bag in the trees unless it is attached to your body. I strapped mine to a lanyard so I could wear it. I love my treetop photos, and I have the greatest video from my own perspective, screaming down a zipline.
  • Go-Ape-Obstacle-Course

  • Bandanna: Pack or wear a bandanna to stay safe from ticks and pull your hair up off your neck if it’s long. Once you’re really moving, you’ll get hot and sticky as well as deal with tangly hair as you whip through the trees.
  • Bug spray: A full treetop adventure lasts about 3 hours at Go Ape. You will definitely need another bug spray application in the middle. We missed that step and came home with plenty of bites to show for it.
  • Long pants: Even if it’s a hot day, take long pants to wear through the trees. Your legs will thank me for it later. The tween insisted on her shorts and had plenty of scrapes from the trees and rough landings.
  • Snacks: Go Ape is exhausting work, and you will be starving at the finish. Pack a few snacks and take some time to fuel up when you’re waiting your turn. A few of the courses get backed up so you end up sitting around awhile anyway.

Go Ape Adventure is a really fun outing for older kids (ages 10 and up) and adults, but it was a lot more awesome the second time around when I had everything I needed on hand.