IndyFringe: Two Shows to Wow the Whole Family

IndyFringe 2014 is running for two more days- the last of the 384 performances are happening today and tomorrow. Shows take the stage at eight venues, running from 1:30pm through 10:30pm. The houses have been full, the reviews have been good, and the eleven days some of my favorite of the year.

Last night I saw three shows (Yes, you can do that! Three shows, one night!) and two of them stuck out as action-packed, physical shows with lots of laughs for all ages. There are ample offerings this year for families with school-age children, and it’s fun to pour over the schedule with the kids and figure out what we can see together.

7 (x1) Samurai

FringeTicketStubs__FCFMy family took in 7 (x1) Samurai, a one-man show where one man fills the stage and then some. Writer, director, and performer David Gaines has performed this hour-long show at Fringe festivals all around the country. The show was a hit when it played here in 2009, and based on last night’s reception, area audiences are still enjoying it.

Picture one man, speaking very little, playing a myriad of characters. He’s a peasant in search of Samurai training, and he’s several Samurai, and he’s even a lady at one point. Through mime and  the use of two masks, he tells the whole story. You haven’t seen a one man show until you’ve seen a man shake hands with himself and have the characters he is playing clearly make sense. My family enjoyed the show, and my kids are now acting out some of what they’ve seen- not so much the samurai moves, but definitely the horse riding and the stair climbing!

7 (x1) Samurai  has two more performances- today at 6pm and tomorrow (8/24) at 3pm, at Theatre on the Square.

The Secret Circus

I didn’t know what to expect when I sat down for The Secret Circus at the Cook Theatre last night. I knew the show had received a five star review and was performed by husband and wife duo, Brent and Maya McCoy. I did NOT know that the duo played secret agents- Agent Honeymoon and Agent Butterfly. I did NOT know that the show would involved amazing stunts or audience members, and I did NOT know that I would laugh so hard.

Without giving too much away, The Secret Circus is a fun, not-too-deep comedy that relies on a lot of gymnastics, punny jokes, and a unicycle. Yes, a unicycle.  A tall unicycle, one that you may not think really belongs on stage. There’s also a bow and arrow, some sharp knives and a juggling act that will blow your mind and amaze your eyes. The Secret Circus has an ages 12 and up warning, but I think kids of all ages would enjoy it. There is some innuendo, but the show moves so fast, I don’t know that kids would dwell on it for very long. The stunts and the unicycle will definitely make more of an impression. The show moves fast, and the hour was up far sooner than I wanted it to be.

The Secret Circus has two more performances at the Cook Theatre- today at 6pm and tomorrow (8/24) at 1:30pm. Brent McCoy is also performing his one man family-friendly show at the Cook Theatre. The Real McCoy takes the stage at 4:30pm today and 3pm tomorrow (8/24).

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