Microsoft Store Welcomes Destiny With Midnight Launch Party

Destiny Midnight Launch Party Microsoft Store

People playing “Destiny” at the Microsoft Store midnight launch party

#Indianapolis – The Fashion Mall at Keystone usually doesn’t allow patrons in its doors at 10 p.m., but on Monday the mall let patrons enter after hours to attend the Microsoft Store‘s “Destiny” midnight launch party.

Attendees of this launch party were greeted with food, drinks, games and prizes. With “Destiny” being available at midnight, attendees also had a chance to play the highly anticipated video game before its midnight launch at 12:01 a.m.

Destiny Midnight Launch Party Microsoft Store

Attendees play a dancing game on the Xbox One during the “Destiny” launch party

Video games are no stranger to midnight launch parties, many retailers organize their own launch parties throughout the year for big tittles. But the Microsoft Store’s “Destiny” midnight launch party allowed attendees to come face to face with Microsoft products throughout the course of the evening, which included its newest console, the Xbox One.

Prizes and merchandise give-a-ways were big incentives to attend the “Destiny” midnight launch event at the Microsoft Store. Things like a one year subscriptions to Xbox’s online service to video game posters and T-shirts were items attendees could win attending the event.

Xbox Live Microsoft Store

An attendee giving a victory speech after winning a year subscription of Xbox Live


Destiny Midnight Launch Party Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store employees filling up grab bags that an allotted number of people earned for purchasing Destiny and attending the launch party

Destiny Midnight Launch Party Microsoft Store

The “Fishbowl of Destiny” was used to raffle of prizes to attendees

Featured at the midnight launch event were “mobile gaming cases” which each individually contained a monitor and a Xbox One – no TVs required.

The Microsoft Store uses these cases when they host its free local gaming league which allows players to compete and play to win prizes and socialize with other local players.

Destiny Midnight Launch Microsoft Store

Mobile Xbox One cases allow players to game side by side

Games featured at in the league are in the genres of racing, sports, shooters and fighting, but are not limited to those genres.

“Destiny” will not be the last midnight launch party that the Microsoft store holds this year. The next planned launch event is for the “Halo: The Master Chief Collection” which comes out in November.

Destiny Midnight Launch Microsoft Store

The first attendee to receive his Xbox One copy of “Destiny” and a free grab bag

The Microsoft Store may hold other midnight launch events depending on game’s preorder popularity.

For more information about the Microsoft Store and the gaming events held there click here.

Destiny Midnight Launch Party Microsoft Store

Attendees talk with a Microsoft Store employee at the “Destiny” midnight launch party


Destiny Midnght Launch Party Microsoft Store

Complementary food and drink were provided to those who attended the “Destiny” midnight launch party