6 Reasons to Buy 2015 Indians Tickets Now

#Indianapolis – The Indianapolis Indians wrapped up their 2014 season with win and record crowds. Now that the 2015 calendar has already announced, you should plan to be a part of it next year! The Indianapolis Indians 2015 schedule kicks off in April with 9 straight days of home games. That means the Indianapolis Indians 2015 season goes from spring break to Labor Day, with plenty of opportunities to be a part of the action.

It’s Here are 5 more reasons to get the Indians 2015 schedule on your calendar:

Great Location
Victory Field is conveniently located downtown, near Lucas Oil Stadium. Reserved seats at the games provide amazing views of the Indianapolis skyline.

Sixty Degree Guarantee
The Indians have always offered a weather guarantee with a free return ticket if the temperature is below 60° for spring games. With a start date of April 8th, I think the’ll be giving away a lot of return vouchers, giving your family two games for the price of one!

$10 Lawn Seats
For only $10, you can get a lawn ticket to watch the game from behind the outfit. It’s a fun view, but be sure to bring your baseball gloves and try to catch a home run!

No Bad Seats
There are really no bad seats in Victory Field. Over the years, we have attended games from the lawn, picnic area, reserved seats, boxed seats, and the nosebleed section. The all provide an amazing view of the action.
No Bad Seats at Victory Field

Indians Victory Bell
The Victory Bell is a fun feature that is rung at the end of the game when the Indians win. Our kids love the idea and anticipate the bell when we’re ahead.

Friday Night Fireworks
Friday night home games feature fireworks after the game. They come rapid-fire in gorgeous colors, with awesome views of the fireworks display featuring the Indy skyline.