AMC Theatres Best-Kept Secret: Movie Popcorn Butter Hack

AMC-Theatre---Castleton#Indianapolis – I’ve made no secret of my preference for AMC Theatres based strictly on the movie popcorn. It’s freshly popped butter deliciousness is the main reason I go to movies. And lately, I’ve been to a lot of movies.

I’ve seen Guardians of the Galaxy (go, but be sure to expect a different kind of comic movie), The Giver (slightly different from the book, but not in a bad way), Begin Again (cute movie, amazing soundtrack), and I’m planning to see Dolphin Tale 2 as soon as possible (Harry Connick Jr., you guys).

AMC---Butter-PopcornBut I have a little secret when it comes to the AMC Theatres popcorn. People who see movies with me for the first time are both amazed and horrified.

You see, AMC Theatres has a DIY butter dispenser. You can butter popcorn to our heart’s content. Except, you would have to ask them to only half-fill our popcorn in order to shake the butter down throughout the bag. Unless you know what I know.

AMC Theatres also offers a courtesy cup at the concession stand. It’s a small, cheap cup we frequently use to allow many children to share a soda. It has also been filled with water from the fountain for a free drink to wash down our popcorn.

Mostly, I call it the butter cup.

Butter and salt the top of our popcorn as usual, then fill a courtesy cup from the dispenser to butter your popcorn throughout the movie. It provides “fresh” butter as you empty the popcorn bag. I know it may look a little disgusting on the surface, but try it just once and you will understand my brilliance.