Rainbow Rowell in Indianapolis for Banned Books Week

Rainbow-Rowell-on-Banned-Books-Week#Indianapolis – When I heard one of my favorite authors was coming back to Indy, I squealed like a little girl. Having Rainbow Rowell in Indianapolis is always a treat, but twice in one year was almost too much for my fangirl heart to handle. She visited Central Library as part of their Banned Books Week celebration.

I didn’t understand the significance of that timing, until she talked about her book, Eleanor and Park, being challenged last year. I had to laugh at the thought of such a smart, thoughtful, and amazingly unorthodox YA novel being banned, until I realized how much it hurt Rainbow Rowell.

Her strong connection to the book and the characters made the challenge feel like a personal attack. Sadly, the message and awesomeness of the book were lost as parents worked to the book removed from the school and library shelves. Luckily for Minnesota teens, the attempt was unsuccessful. Now they’re free to build the kind of staunchly loyal fan base Indianpaolis seems to have.

Rainbow-Rowell-Book-SigningReaders came from all over central Indiana to hear Rainbow Rowell speak and waited for over an hour in the long line for her book signing. It was fun to have fierce fans in the crowd, when it came time for the Q&A. Indianapolis fans asked smart questions with a clear knowledge of her entire library along with the fun, insider information that comes from following Rainbow on Twitter.

She shared more about her thoughts on banned books, told a hilarious story about her awkward John Green encounter earlier that day, and even talked a little about the book she’s writing right now. Rainbow Rowell fantasy, you guy!
Because I wanted to be so close in the theater, we ended up in the back of the line to meet her, but it was worth it, as always. She signed the Fangirl book I had just purchased along with Attachments and the Landline book I’ve read twice already since its summer release. Her signature is already in the front of my daughter’s copy of Eleanor and Park from her last Indy appearance.

I may have to pick up my own copy before she comes back again, so there’s something else for her to sign. Because I really hope she doesn’t stay long enough for her 5th book to be released. I enjoy hearing her speak far too much to let that much time pass.