Indy Rocks Cosplay: Don’t Miss Awesome Con This Weekend

#Indianapolis – Awesome Con is coming to Indy Friday through Sunday! Indianapolis plays frequent host to several geek-friendly conventions, most notably GenCon. They’re a great way to find like-minded people, play your favorite games, pick up a few new supplies for hobbies, collections, and wardrobe, and see the amazing cosplay in action. The very first time we took our kids to a convention, they insisted on selecting costumes. We had The Doctor, companions, and a TARDIS along for our day at GenCon.

We have been to comic expos, PopCon, and GenCon, and they’re incredibly bummed to be missing Awesome Con this weekend. Held in three cities throughout the year, Awesome Con comes to Indianapolis October 3rd, 4th, and 5th. There will be exhibits, panels, celebrity guests (Adam West, you guys!), and, of course, awesome cosplay. Many attendees will arrive in costume, and let me tell you Indy knows cosplay.

Here are a few of my favorites from our visit to PopCon earlier this year:

You’ll see heroes and villains from your favorite comic books and movies.

Even the family dog can get in on the action.

My Little Pony is a favorite theme for all ages.

Don’t forget the Disney princesses — Elsa and Anna are popular favorites this year, but let your little princess wear her favorite costume this weekend.

Members of the 501st and Rebel Alliance is out in full force at every con I’ve ever attended.

Kids love to dress up, too! I love when the stroller gets in on the action.

There are store-bought costumes, hand-sewn costumes, and creative homemade costumes, like BMO from Adventure Time.

Many conventions have famous vehicles on display, too!


And don’t forget the accessories. The Indiana Ghostbusters have proton packs covered.