Luna Music Hosts Cassette Store Day 2014


Cassette Store Day#Indianapolis – On an usually warm late September Saturday sun rays beat down on an unassumingly regular day at Luna Music. But for those in the know, last Saturday wasn’t just a normal day, it was an international day for a recording format that can sometimes be over looked: the cassette. 

National Cassette Store Day took place on Sept. 28, a day dedicated to the recording format and special releases by various artists through the cassette platform. Record stores throughout the world held events in honor of Cassette Store day, Luna Music was no exception.

Luna Music Indianapolis

Luna Music

Holding sales on selected cassettes, CDs and vinyl, customers dug through boxes and boxes of musical goods at Luna Music with the emphasis being placed on cassettes.

“Something you lose on the internet is real interaction,” Ethan Marosz, employee of Luna Music said. “Buying music on the internet, downloading it, you can see other people’s reviews and what they think about certain music. But when you’re here and you pick up a tape and then someone else says ‘I love that tape’ and has a story with it, you relate on such a different level and you’re getting a more genuine interaction with people who also enjoy music.”

Luna Music Indianapolis

Customers digging through music at Luna Music during Cassette Store Day

Luna Music IndianapolisLast year’s Cassette Store Day came with unexpected success with 80 cities participating worldwide. Customers worldwide went to their local record stories seeking exclusive releases, some of the hot releases came from bands like The Flaming Lips, Deerhunter and At The Drive In. 

This year’s Cassette Store Day featured exclusive releases in North America from artists like Karen O, Foxygen and the Vivian Girls.

“We like holding events like Cassette Store Day because it gives us the opportunity to tell people ‘come hangout with us, it doesn’t matter what music you like,'” Marosz said. “We just want people to come in and enjoy the atmosphere and talk about whatever music you like in a environment that is open and friendly to all.”

Luna Music Indianapolis

A display which can be found in Luna Music’s store

Burger Records coordinated Cassette Store Day for the U.S. this year following last year’s success. The California record label has had success selling music in the cassette format.

“There’s an opportunity with cassette because people still have cassette players, especially in their car,” Sean Bohrman, co-owner of Burger Records said. ” There is no reason to ignore that whole group of people who are buying new music and want to hear music through that format, we shouldn’t have to force them to dub their own cassettes.”

Luna Music Indianapolis

Customers browsing in Luna Music

Vinyl accounts for 2 percent of total album sales in the U.S. and continues to grow, in 2013 vinyl sales grew by .3 percent from the previous year according to Billboard. Cassettes and DVDs command .2 percent of the market share, CDs continue to decrease in sales with 14.5 percent decrease when compared with 2012 numbers.

Also on the decline last year were digital track sales which declined for the first time since iTunes opened its cyber doors, Billboard sites a 5.7 percent decrease from 2012 to 2013.

Luna Music Indianapolis

Luna Music played cassette tapes for fans browsing outside in support of Cassette Store Day

“Ignoring tapes as a viable format isn’t smart,” Bohrman said. “Cassette Store Day is a way to show people that the format is something people still get excited over and still buy. The whole goal is to show that stores can still carry and sell cassettes along with distributors and show labels that they can make cassettes and people will buy them.” 

Luna Music will be holding a listening party for Flying Lotus’ highly anticipated new album “You’re Dead!” Sunday at 1 p.m. Pre-order the album at Luna Music and be automatically entered to win a test pressing of  “You’re Dead!”

For more information about Luna Music and upcoming events at Luna check out their website here.

And for more information about Cassette Store Day click the link here.

Luna Music Indianapolis

Luna Music Indianapolis