Children’s Museum Haunted House 2014: Creepy Carnival (Photos)

TCM-Creepy-Carnival-Haunted-House-1#Indianapolis – The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is a wondrous place for children and adults. The annual haunted house, sponsored by the Children’s Museum guild is always a ton of fun, featuring both friendly (lights on) and frightening hours to entertain kids of all ages. Each year is another new and awesome theme, and this year is no exception.

I had the opportunity to preview the Children’s Museum haunted house this year, and I can assure you the Creepy Carnival is both creepy and fun. The haunted house opens this Saturday (10/11) and runs through Halloween. Tickets are separate from museum admission, but it is so worth the price.

Here is a quick photo tour to get you ready for the creepiest carnival you’ve ever experienced:

For the 50th anniversary last year, the Children’s Museum guild created an incredible display to showcase the haunted house’s history. I love that this is back again!


Don’t forget to take your kids’ photo next to the iconic Boo! sculpture, modeled after Robert Indiana’s iconic Love image.


The Creepy Carnival features multiple rooms with a carnival and circus atmosphere — only scarier.



Bring your own food — the treats inside the carnival are not exactly tasty. (Though the guild will sell edible snacks at the end of the haunted house.)


The clown room is terrifying even with the lights on — beware if you have children who are already afraid of clowns.



The guild members raided their own homes to use over 2000 stuffed animals in the midway room, plus a few leftover pumpkin dogs & cats from previous Boo Bash goodie bags.



Each year, I look forward to seeing what artist Eric Wallentine comes up with for his paper mache display. This year we get two sculptures and a few paintings!




The Big Top features acrobats, trapeze artists, and a not-so-tame tiger.


Miss Fortune will share fabulously creepy fortunes, like “All your goldfish will be dead when you return home.” (They weren’t.)


I always love the Indy-centric touches to the children’s museum. They’re like little Easter eggs to find as you walk through.



Don’t forget to see if you can spot the witch parking in the garage — reserved for the head witches in the Children’s Museum Guild.