3 Great Places to Go Dancing in the City

The Red Room Indianapolis#Indianapolis – Dancing is a great activity for everyone involved and can really add some flare into your life if it’s not a regular activity in your going out routine.

Whether it be for date night, to try something new, a way to get some exercise in or to get back into those dancing shoes, Indianapolis has its fair share of venues which offer dancing in a variety of styles.

Dancing may be an activity only performed at a wedding or for a special event for some people, but if you try out these places you may just find yourself coming back for more.

The Jazz Kitchen – 5377 N College Avenue, Indianapolis, IN

The Jazz Kitchen

The Jazz Kitchen Located on 5377 N College Avenue

Located in the Broad Ripple Village, The Jazz Kitchen offers a “Latin Night” every Thursday at 8 p.m. and offer styles such as: salsa, reggaetone, merengue and bachata. 

A part of the Latin dance scene for 19 years, The Jazz Kitchen is no stranger to Latin styles of dance and introducing beginners to the many dancing styles.

At 8:30 p.m. salsa and bachata teachers offer 30 minute free lessons for those who are beginners or those dancing those styles for the first time – afterwards the real fun begins and students can put what they learned to practice. 

Ladies get into Latin Night for free until 10 p.m., afterwards regular door rates apply which is $7.

If you’re looking to make it a date night The Jazz Kitchen also offers dinner from 5 to 10 p.m.

For more information about Latin Night go to The Jazz Kitchen’s website here.

Riolo Dance – 502 N Capitol Ave (2nd Floor), Indianapolis, IN

Riolo Dance Studio Indianapolis

Located in Downtown Indianapolis at 502 N Capitol Ave (2nd Floor)

Located in Downtown Indianapolis, Riolo Dance offers a fun dance setting in a studio environment – a quality which may sound intimidating but worry not, it’s friendly.

Like The Jazz Kitchen, Riolo Dance gives dancers the option to attend a free dance lesson before its “dance parties” which happen multiple times a week.

Riolo Dance offers more than just Latin styles of dance, styles such as ballroom and swing are offered at the venue.

For individuals seeking more than just a free dance before a dance party, Riolo Dance offers “new student specials” for those who are looking to hone their dancing skills. Group lessons are also offered for those who don’t mind dancing around others.

For more information on dance parties and lessons check out Riolo Dance’s calender here

For more information about Riolo Dance check out their website here.

The Red Room – 6335 Guilford Ave, Indianapolis, IN

Also located in the Broad Ripple Village, The Red Room is another venue that offers latin dancing for those looking to add some spice to their workweek lives.

Offering what they call “Salsa Ripple” every Wednesday at 9 p.m., like the previous dancing venues, The Red Room also provides dancing lessons 30 minutes before the dancing begins.

Styles of dance included on Salsa Ripple night are: salsa, bachata, chacha and kizomba.

With an intimate club setting, The Red Room offers a place to relax mid-workweek by offering dance and drink and food specials.

For more information about The Red Room and Salsa Ripple head to their website here.

The Red Room Broad Ripple

The Red Room located at 6335 Guilford Ave, Indianapolis, IN