6 Things to Do at Castleton Square Mall When Kids Are Tired of Shopping

#Indianapolis โ€“ Last week, I was doing a little shopping at Castleton Square Mall while my husband took the car somewhere else. I finished a little early and had some time to kill. Luckily, I was solo and don’t mind window shopping while I wait, but it got me thinking about what I would have done if the kids were with me for the outing.

There’s the playground at the food court, of course, but my kids have long outgrown that area of the mall. Here are 6 more fun things to do at the mall when kids are tired of shopping:

The may be too big for the slides in the food court, but even the teens would happily climb aboard Mickey Mouse if I’m willing to pump in a few quarters.


From Doctor Who to Disney Princess, there are no shortage of costumes available for a quick dress-up session in the fitting rooms. You’ll find plenty of fan gear for older tweens and teens at Hot Topic, but be sure to take the little ones to the Disney Store, if they can handle the no-buying part.

Stop by the LEGO store to create some fun at the building stations โ€” and don’t forget to pick up your free building kit on the first Tuesday of each month.

When Mom needs a break, hit up the massage chairs by JCPenney โ€” it’s great for your aching back after lugging kids and shopping bags through the mall. Plus, kids get a kick out of it too!

Enjoy some light music at the heart of Nordstrom. There is a pianist on site during most mall hours.

And head towards SEARS to catch a train ride through the mall.Castleton-Square-Mall---train