3 Great Record Stores to Visit in Indianapolis

Luna Music Indianapolis#Indianapolis – Thanks to smart phones, iPods and other digital devices purchasing media is just a download away – music, movies and books are at our fingertips thanks to devices which inhabit our pockets.

If one was to purchase physical copies of music they might venture to Target, Walmart or Best Buy. But most retail outlets offer a small selection of music, the store’s selection might only have music which is popular on the radio and in today’s pop culture.

If you’re looking for a more diverse selection which spans many different genres Target might not do, you’re in need of a record store.

Indianapolis is home to multiple record stores which offer music on a wide selection of physical platforms such as: CD, vinyl and cassette.

Record stores are a great way to discover new music which is popular both locally and worldwide, most stores label music that should be on music enthusiasts’ radars.

Luna Music IndianapolisMy list will provide three record stories which should be on your radar if you’re looking to purchase physical music. These record stores are Indy CD And Vinyl, LUNA music and Vibes Music. 

Each store hosts events such as local and touring bands playing shows and Record Store Day events.

Indy CD And Vinyl – 806 Broad Ripple Ave. Indianapolis, IN

Indy CD and Vinyl IndianapolisLocated in the heart of the Broad Ripple Village, Indy CD and Vinyl has recently seen a lot of changes in 2014. Established in 2001 by a different owner, on January 2014 Eric Davis along with Annie and Andy Skinner became the new owners of the records store. 

Along with a change in management the store also went through remodeling.

Indy CD and Vinyl offers a wide array of new and used CDs and vinyl to its patrons, from current albums like Spoon’s latest album “They Have My Soul” to classic’s like the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s “Electric Ladyland.”

Cassettes can also be purchased at the store.

The record store often holds music events where artists play at the store and contests for things such as free concert tickets and music. The record store often posts contests on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram page, if you’re lucky you could snag yourself some free concert tickets or music.

With vinyl being purchased more frequently by music consumers, Indy CD and Vinyl also sale record players and accessories for the players.

For more information about Indy CD and Vinyl check out their website and Facebook page.

Indy CD and Vinyl purchases used music.

LUNA music – 5202 N. College Avenue Indianapolis, IN 

Luna Music IndianapolisA record store also located in the Broad Ripple Village, LUNA music is located just south of the Broad Ripple strip. LUNA music staff’s music selections can be found at the store which can be very helpful if you’re looking for new music to listen to.

Offering things like “LUNA’s Pick of the Moment” can keep you up to date on the latest music trends.

LUNA music hosts a myriad of music related events at their store such as music acts and movies related to music culture. On occasion you can snag yourself some free concert tickets at the store, LUNA holds contests and give away tickets which they notify customers about on their social media pages.

LUNA music’s staff is helpful and knowledgeable about music which can make shopping at the store a pleasant experience. The record store provides used CDs and vinyl along with cassettes, music magazines and movies.

To keep track of LUNA music’s deals, sales and give-a-ways follow their social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For more information about LUNA music visit their website here.

LUNA music purchases used music.

Vibes Music – 1051 E 54th St, Indianapolis, IN

Also located in the Broad Ripple Village near the Mono Trail and the Jazz Kitchen, Vibes Music is another record store which offers new and used music on the vinyl, CD and cassette platforms.

Also, hosting music acts regularly at their location, Vibes Music offers a good selection of music both old and new. Digging through the stores used bins can uncover some great music finds from classic artists.

Like the other record stores mentioned in this list, Vibes Music regularly receives new music which usually hits selves on Tuesdays (depending on album release dates) and has a staff willing to offer advice for new music to check out.

To keep track of sales and events happening at Vibes Music be sure to check out their social media: Twitter and Facebook.

For more information about Vibes Music keep an eye on their social media pages.